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Virtual Data Center (VDC)

We’re pioneering the dynamic creation of Virtual Data Centers as fully-isolated virtual infrastructure environments where a group of users, under the control of the VDC administrator, can create and manage compute, storage and networking capacity.

For those who are more experienced and/or demand more control and flexibility, Cloudrck offers a KVM full-virtualization solution. Our KVM plans allow you to run unmodified Linux, BSD and Windows images. With KVM, you can run your own custom kernel build, encrypt your file system and many other neat features.

KVM on Cloudrck

Administer your own datacenter without the enormous costs of building a private datacenter or renting space and managing hardware. By utilizing Cloudrck’s infrastructure you can have extensive control over storage, cpu processing, VM allocation along with overseeing your own virtual network. Virtual Data Centers are the perfect match for individuals and organizations who demand the freedom and control over their cloud infrasturce. Let Cloudrck handle the worrying about managing the physical hardware, and instead utilize full virtualization and software defined network to operate your simulated data center. Scale up as your performance and availability requirements grow.

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