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Kolab Email/Colloboration Hosting

Kolab is featureful email, contact management and file storage service platform. It allows you to access your email quickly and efficiently from any remote location. With the full-text search and filtering, not only can you find specific emails, but they can be tagged and filtered into folders based on criteria you define. Kolab's unified tagging system which allows the same tags to be used on Events, Notes, ToDos, etc.

Platform for Communication

Making use of the IMAP protocol, Kolab supports the full range of devices in common use including iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. For other devices, Kolab provides access via CalDAV, CardDAV and WebDAV. ActiveSync is used to support Microsoft's Windows Mobile devices to mimic Exchange functionality.

Harness the strengths of the cloud by utilizing Kolab's integrated file cloud service to save and share files. A built-in file manager lets you save and attach files to emails, events, tasks and notes. you can access your Kolab Now files using the open WebDAV standard from just about any computer or device you have. You can share folders with others with fine-grained access control.

Add Kolab Email hosting to any service, including Cloud Virtual Private Servers

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S/MIME or OpenPGP encryption

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