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Communication Hosting Platform

At the heart of successful software is communication with your users. Whether you use email to onboard customers and alert them to key events, or you use live chat within your product or as part of customer support – at Cloudrck we’re experts at configuring hosting environments to make sure you message is delivered every time.

Platform for Communication

Harness the power of Cloudrck’s low latency network for real-time messaging and collaboration. By deploying such web applications as Rocket.Chat, we can provide a platform for you and your organization of any size a means to securely communicatie. Custom application and platform development is also available for when existing off the shelf solutions do not meet your requirements.

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Real-Time Messaging

Secure Transit/Storage

Mobile & Web Interface

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Load Balancing

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Keeping up to date with IT infrastructure is a job in itself - so we've made sure all the bases are covered for your next project Since 2004 we've used cutting-edge server technology to support the enterprise-level hosting requirements of developers, teams, and organizations, across America.


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